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WAY WE DO BUSINESS."  (Frank Spadaro)

Frank Spadaro is in the business of making arrangements. As head of Spadaro International Services, he offers traders a special brand of attention.

It is built around a trade service professional who works as your back up - seeing to all the requirements and paperwork for every deal that traders make. Day in and day out, your Spadaro contact sees to the details as you would, if you had the time and technology.



ICS Customs Service

  Duty Determination
  Customs Formalities
  Government Agency
      - Food and Drug
      - Fish and Wildlife
  U.S. Agents



ICS Customs Service

  License Releases
  Rate Comparisons
      - L/C
      - S/D
  Point-to-Point Forwarding



ICS Customs Service

  Air/Ocean Transport

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