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Industry Links

U.S. Government Agencies
  U.S. Customs and Border Protection Homepage
  Some Important links in the CBP Website:
      Harmonized Tariff Schedule of The United States
      Updated Textile Status Report for Absolute Quota provides the most recent quota information as well as visa requirements in reference to category and country of origin.
      Looking for a Customs Ruling for your product or one similar to yours? Go to the Customs Rulings Online Search System. This search engine allows research by keywords.
      A complete list of Informed Compliance Publications is an essential library for importers.
  United States Food and Drug Administration
  Some Important links in the FDA Website:
      FDA Product Code Builder will provide the proper FDA classification for any food or non-food product under FDA jurisdiction.
      The Bioterrorism Act of 2002 requires that all foreign Manufacturers of food register with the FDA. Failure to do so may result in non-admission of their products into the United States. The Registration of Food Facilities - is required by both importers and exporters.
      A Prior Notice of Imported Foods confirmation number is required to be obtained prior to taking delivery of imported food products. This link enables importers and exporters to conduct their own research on the impact of Prior Notification to the imported food industry. Furthermore, Importers and exporters can obtain this confirmation number here by registering and obtaining a username and password.
  Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Homepage
      Updates on the upcoming Solid Wood Packing Materials requirements are available on the APHIS website.
  United States Department of Agriculture Homepage
      USDA Guidelines for importing to the United States
  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Homepage
      Information for Importers and Exporters pertaining to the importation and exportation of wildlife products
  Federal Trade Commission Homepage
      Textile labeling, care labeling requirements, and RN information are important aspects for wearing apparel and textile importers. The Federal Trade Commission offers detailed information on the regulations they uphold.
  Environmental Protection Agency Homepage
      TSCA Import Certification
  U.S. Department of Transportation Homepage
      Vehicle Importation Regulations
  U.S. Department of Commerce Homepage
      Safeguarding American Industries and Jobs against Unfair Trade
      Export.gov is the U.S. government export portal for assistance in marketing U.S. products overseas
  The Federal Register Homepage
Container Freight Stations
  Check the availability of your LCL cargo in the Newark/Elizabeth seaport area at the following warehouses.
  AZ CFS Availability
  ST. George Warehouse Availability
  Veeco Crest CFS Availabilty
  Vanguard Logistics CFS Availabilty
  Passport CFS Logistics
  Arrowpac CFS Availability
  A.P.A. International CFS Availability
  Maher Terminal Home Page
  American Stevedoring International Homepage
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